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    We believe — it would be right in saying “Summers” has always gotten us experimenting whether it’s short hair or a new hair colour: peroxide blonde. There are quite a few women we’re referring to here, Princess Diana, Marilyn Monroe and yeah, mmm…. Madonna! That’s not it, Gigi Hadid’s platinum blonde and the actress who gained popularity from teen drama Euphoria — Sydney Sweeney’s copper hair aaand the list continues tinting hair has always been a thing of the past and the present alike.

    Before we forget to mention, our natural connection for copper has left us awestruck with Kendal’s coppery look from Milan fashion week, the 26-year-old model effortlessly stole the show with her red new look and unmistakable sky scraping chignon while the model received tons of appreciation from her social media family for sporting this new look!

    What we love about Sanotint and hope you will too –it is loaded with natural care ingredients like the golden millet, plant extracts of birch and grape seed and the best part? It is free from ammonia, parabens, heavy metals and corrosive formaldehyde. And just like this, we have been passionately striving in becoming a unique well-being provider in the Middle East with the purest, natural, and scientifically designed health care, beauty products.

    Classic Nordic Blonde- NO 13

    Styling those locks will definitely level up your hair game, while you can get started with absolutely no time wasted, begin at the base of your hair and brush the colour through your hair length, the hair comb applicator helps you achieve even colouring results with short drying time and you’re done!

    Here, we have hand-picked 10 hues to suit both darker and lighter hair tones for your next retouch or hair transformation!

    1. Black No. 01
    2. Natural Brown No. 03
    3. Golden chestnut No. 05
    4. Natural Blonde No. 09
    5. Nordic Blonde No. 13
    6. Copper Blonde No. 16
    7. Very Light Blonde No. 19
    8. Tiziano Red No. 20
    9. Caramel No. 26
    10. Burgundy No. 56

    Hair transformation can often leave hair damaged and frizzy by stripping natural oils from them. We recommend using a cleansing oil that gently cleanses coloured hair prone to damage followed by a restructuring oil. Cleansing oil from Sanotint is an advanced oil-based formula enriched with pantothenate calcium, biotin, lactic acid, and coconut oil. While our favourite restructuring oil non oil is a special hair protective product with a polishing, volumizing and fixing effect suitable for all hair types and did we mention? It also protects your hair from chlorine, salt and sun damage.

    Don’t forget to check-out our kids health care products for your little one.

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