Anti-Aging Gold 24K Kit

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Locherber Anti-Aging Gold 24K Kit

Anti-Aging Gold 24K Kit from Locherber comprises three luxurious essentials: Anti-Aging Gold 24K Face Cream, Serum, and Eye Cream, housed in an elegant black bag. Crafted with precision and enriched with 24K gold particles, this kit offers a comprehensive skincare regimen for a radiant, youthful complexion.

Key Benefits & Features:

Intensive Anti-Aging Serum Gold 24K:

Hydration & Revitalization: Targets vulnerable skin areas and promotes hydration and revitalization.

Detoxifying & Rebalancing: Colloidal Gold and plant-based ingredients detoxify and rebalance the skin.

Stimulates Collagen Synthesis: Pine Bark Extract stimulates collagen and elastin synthesis.

Soothing Action: Glycyrrhiza glabra soothes the skin with its SOD-like action.

Skin Resilience: Hyaluronic Acid maintains skin resilience and firmness.

Locherber Anti-Aging Cream Gold 24K:

Silkiness & Nourishment: Infused with 24K gold, it instantly imparts silkiness and nourishment.

Facial Contour Redefinition: Formulated to redefine facial contours, promoting elasticity and firmness.

Gold-Peptide Complex: Stimulates collagen production for enhanced elasticity and firmness.

Hydrating Ingredients: Squalane, Shea Butter, Pro-vitamin B5, and Ginseng extract hydrate and rejuvenate the skin.

Brightness & Vitality: Aloe Vera and Vitamin E enhance skin brightness and provide a protective barrier.

Eye Contour Cream Gold 24K:

Radiant Complexion: Aura-28 Peptide with gold particles balances the skin, boosts collagen production and provides glow.

Puffiness Reduction: Caffeine reduces fat accumulation and diminishes puffiness.

Elasticity Enhancement: Shea Butter tones and enhances skin elasticity.

Revitalization: Vitamin E revitalizes and moisturizes delicate skin around the eyes.

Who Should Use:

The Locherber Anti-Aging Gold 24K Kit is ideal for individuals seeking immediate and long-term skin rejuvenation. Suitable for all skin types and ages, the Gold kit addresses various concerns such as facial contour, elasticity, hydration, brightness, and vitality. Whether you aim to redefine facial contours or enhance radiance, this luxurious kit offers a comprehensive solution for your skincare needs.


• Exclusive combination of Colloidal Gold and plant-based ingredients, such as Cynara Scolymus, for a detoxifying and rebalancing action.
•Trifolium pratense, whose functional effectiveness is attributed to its many active compounds: isoflavonoids, isoflavones, and coumarin derivatives.
•Pine Bark Extract: capable of stimulating the biosynthesis of the main structural proteins of the skin (collagen and elastin).
• Glycyrrhiza glabra, containing licorice root extract as its main active ingredient, known for its soothing effects and SOD-like action.
• Hyaluronic Acid also contributes to maintaining skin resilience and firmness by stimulating new collagen formation.
• Peptide Complex capable of stimulating the synthesis of proteoglycans, which play a key role in tissue anchoring. The skin appears more plumped and toned.

How to use?

Intensive Anti-Aging Serum Gold 24K:

1. After cleansing your face and neck, dispense a few drops of serum onto your fingertips.
2. Gently massage the serum onto your face and neck in upward motions until evenly distributed.
3. Allow the serum to fully absorb into the skin before applying additional skincare products.

Anti-Aging Cream Gold 24K:

1. Start with a freshly cleansed face and neck to maximize absorption.
2. Take a moderate amount of Locherber's GOLD 24K Anti-Aging Cream and apply it evenly onto your face and neck using gentle massaging motions.
3. Integrate the cream into both your morning and evening skincare routines for optimal results. Massage it into your skin for a few minutes, allowing the luxurious texture to fully absorb.
4. For added benefits, follow up with sunscreen during the day and additional skincare products in your evening routine.

Eye Contour Cream Gold 24K:

1. Apply a small amount of product to the eye contour area using light tapping movements.
2. Continue tapping gently until the cream is fully absorbed into the delicate skin around the eyes.
3. Use the eye contour cream consistently both in the morning and evening for best results.

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