Apivit Multi Kids Gummies 60

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Apivit Multi Kids Gummies

Multi Kids Gummies are a multivitamin supplement formulated with vitamins B6 and B12, biotin, niacin, vitamin C and folic acid. These vitamins support various aspects of children's health, including the nervous system, energy metabolism and brain function.

Key Benefits & Features:

Vitamins B6 and B12: Support the normal functioning of the nervous system.

Biotin, Niacin, Vitamin C, B6 and B12: Contribute to normal energy-generating metabolism, aiding in overall energy levels.

Folic Acid: Essential for proper brain function, mental health and emotional well-being.

Who Should Use:

Apivit Multi Kids Gummies are suitable for children who may benefit from additional vitamin support for overall health and well-being. Whether aiming to support nervous system function, maintain energy levels or promote brain health, these gummies provide essential nutrients for children's development and vitality.


Maltitol syrup, gelatin, citric acid, carnauba wax, vegetable oil (coconut); natural flavorings, anthocyanins, copper complex of chlorophyllin, curcumin; L-ascorbic acid, nicotinamide, D-alpha-tocopheryl acetate, calcium D-panto-thenate, zinc gluconate, pyridoxine hydrochloride, retinyl acetate, folic acid, D-biotin, cholecalciferol, cyanocobalamin.

How to use?

1. Children older than 3 years should chew 3 gummies of Apivit Multi Kids Gummies daily.

2. The gummies can be consumed during or after a meal.

3. Ensure children chew the gummies thoroughly before swallowing.

4. Follow this routine consistently to support children's health and well-being.