Beedrops Lemon Flavored Herbal Lozenges 24 Pieces

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Beedrops Lemon Flavored Herbal Lozenges

Beedrops Lemon Flavored Herbal Lozenges offer fast relief for sore throats. It contains zesty taste of lemon and enhanced effectiveness with echinacea, honey and propolis.

Key Benefits & Features:

Fast relief: Beedrops swiftly alleviate discomfort associated with sore throats, providing quick comfort and promoting a speedy recovery.

Enhanced with natural ingredients: Infused with echinacea, honey and propolis, these lozenges not only soothe throat pain but also support immune health.

Antiseptic properties: Beedrops help prevent the worsening of sore throat pain with their antiseptic properties, promoting a healthier throat environment.

Fast and long-lasting formula: The potent formula ensures both rapid relief and sustained comfort, allowing you to resume your daily activities without the distraction of throat discomfort.

Who Should Use:

Beedrops Lemon Flavored Herbal Lozenges are ideal for anyone seeking fast relief from sore throat discomfort, and to support their immune system. Whether you're battling a cold, experiencing seasonal allergies, or simply need freshness, these lozenges provide effective relief with a lemon flavor.


Sugar, Maltose, Honey (3.39%), Echinacae Oil (0.45%), Citric Acid (Acidity Regulator), Echinacae Extract (0.27%) Propolis Extract (0.15%).

How to use?

1. Consume 1 to 4 pieces of Beedrops Lemon Flavored Herbal Lozenges per day as needed for relief from sore throat discomfort.

2. Use daily as a dietary supplement to support throat health and overall well-being.