Feet Relief Cream 100 ml

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Locherber Feet Relief Cream

Feet Relief Cream provides instant refreshment for tired and swollen feet, promoting smoother and toned skin. Formulated with Triclosan, it effectively combats excessive perspiration and prevents unpleasant odors, ensuring lasting comfort.

Key Benefits & Features:

Immediate Relief: Provides instant refreshment for tired and swollen feet.
Skin Enhancement: Smoothens and tones the skin of the feet.
Odor Control: Contains Triclosan to alleviate excessive perspiration and prevent unpleasant odors.
Lasting Comfort: Provides lasting comfort and freshness.

Who Should Use:

Individuals Seeking Relief: Ideal for those seeking quick relief from tired and swollen feet.
Skin Improvement Seekers: Suitable for individuals looking to improve the texture and tone of their feet's skin.
Odor Management: Recommended for people dealing with excessive perspiration and unpleasant foot odors.



Sage, Island lichen, Thymus extracts, Kukui walnut, Karité
butter and Menthol.

How to use?

Apply after shower or footbath with gentle circular massage until complete absorption.