Firming Eye Contour Cream 30 ml

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Firming Eye Contour Cream is a protective and revitalizing product designed to diminish the appearance of fine lines and under-eye circles and restore a brighter, more youthful look to the skin. Its fast-absorbing, non-greasy formula provides targeted care to the delicate eye area, offering a concentrated dose of rejuvenation.

Key Benefits & Features:

Reduces Signs of Aging: Formulated to diminish the appearance of fine lines and under-eye circles, this cream helps restore a youthful glow to the skin.

Fast Absorbing: The concentrated, oil-free formula absorbs quickly, ensuring efficient delivery of active ingredients without leaving a greasy residue.

Protective & Toning: Provides a protective and toning action to combat signs of expression that may dull the appearance of the eyes, promoting a refreshed gaze.

Plant-Based Active Ingredients: Enriched with plant-based actives, this creamy yet lightweight formula is gentle on delicate skin tissues, making it suitable for even the most sensitive skin types.

Moisturizing & Nourishing: Offers effective moisturization, nourishment, regeneration, soothing, and toning, aiding in the reduction and prevention of wrinkles and expression lines.

Who Should Use:

Locherber Firming Eye Contour Cream is ideal for individuals seeking to address signs of aging around the delicate eye area. Suitable for all skin types, including with the most sensitive skin. It is perfect for those looking to combat fine lines, under-eye circles and signs of expression for a revitalized and refreshed appearance.


Extracts of macadamia nut, sweet almond and
lime tree.

How to use?

1. Cleanse the Skin:
Begin by cleansing the eye contour area to ensure it is free from impurities and makeup residue.

2. Dispense a Small Amount:
Gently dispense a small amount of Locherber Firming Eye Contour Cream onto your fingertip.

3. Apply:
Using light tapping movements, apply the cream to the cleansed eye contour area. Pat the cream gently into the skin until fully absorbed, avoiding pulling or stretching the delicate skin around the eyes.

4. Frequency:
For optimal results, use the cream morning and evening as part of your skincare routine.