Migliorin Gel Capsule 90 Caps

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Migliorin Gel Capsule 90

Migliorin Gel Capsule 90 is a dietary supplement encapsulated in gel form, designed to nourish the hair and prevent hair loss. Infused with a blend of Sulphide Amino Acids, Vitamin E, Keratin, Golden Millet extract, and Wheat Germ Oil, this supplement protects the hair, supports natural growth, strengthens roots, and improves scalp blood flow for enhanced nourishment.

Key Benefits & Features:

Nourishing Formula: Formulated with Sulphide Amino Acids, Vitamin E, Keratin, Golden Millet extract, and Wheat Germ Oil, these gel capsules provide essential nutrients to nourish and strengthen the hair from within.

Hair Protection: The blend of ingredients works to protect the hair from environmental damage and strengthens the roots, promoting overall hair health and resilience.

Natural Growth Support: By supporting the natural growth process of the hair, these gel capsules help maintain healthy hair growth and minimize hair loss.

Improved Scalp Health: Enhanced scalp blood flow and oxygenation contribute to improved scalp health, preventing seborrhea and creating an optimal environment for hair growth.

Strengthening Action: Sulphide Amino Acids and Golden Millet strengthen the hair roots, promoting stronger, more resilient hair.

High-Quality Keratin Production: The formula helps in producing high-quality keratin, a key component in hair protection.

Who Should Use:

Migliorin Gel Capsule 90 is suitable for individuals seeking to nourish their hair and nails from within. Whether you're experiencing hair loss, wish to promote natural hair growth, or want to maintain overall hair health, these gel capsules offer a convenient and effective solution. Additionally, those looking to improve scalp health and prevent conditions like seborrhea can benefit from regular use of this supplement.


Food-grade gelatine, Refined soybean oil, L-Cys-tine, Refined wheat germ oil, Oily millet seed extract (Panicum miliaceum L.), Dry millet seed extract (Panicum miliaceum L.),Sorbitol and glycerol; L-Methionine, Mono and diglycerides of fatty acids, Sunflower lecithin, Beeswax; Hydro-lysed keratin, Pantothenic acid (calcium d-pantothenate),iron oxides.

How to use?

2 Capsules once daily during or after the meals for 3 months.