Cosval P.C. 28 Gel

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Cosval P.C. 28 Gel

P.C. 28 Gel is a fast-absorbing solution designed to alleviate muscle and joint discomfort of various origins. Formulated with a blend of natural extracts and essential oils, this gel provides targeted relief when applied on the concerning areas.

Key Benefits & Features:

Arnica Extract: Renowned for its soothing properties, arnica extract helps calm muscle and joint discomfort.

Birch Extract: Offers skin cleansing, astringent, elasticizing, and soothing effects, enhancing the gel's overall efficacy.

Devil’s Claw Extract: Promotes well-being by addressing joint stiffness and muscle tension.

Mint Essential Oil: Infused with refreshing and tonic properties, mint oil provides a revitalizing sensation upon application.

Lemon Essential Oil: Delivers balm-like and stimulating effects, further contributing to the gel's soothing qualities.

Red Thyme Essential Oil: Stimulates the skin while regulating sebaceous secretion, promoting a balanced and healthy complexion.

Lavender Essential Oil: Offers balm-like and cleansing properties, enhancing the gel's overall soothing effects.

Sweet Orange Essential Oil: Infuses the gel with soothing properties, contributing to a calming experience during application.

Who Should Use:

It is ideal for individuals seeking relief from muscle and joint discomfort. Cosval P.C. 28 Gel is suitable for anyone experiencing varying degrees of discomfort due to physical activity, age-related issues, or other factors. Whether you're an athlete recovering from intense workouts or someone seeking daily relief from stiffness and tension, this gel provides targeted comfort and support.


- Arnica extract – It is well-known for its soothing properties.
- Birch extract – It can have a skin cleansing, astringent, elasticising, soothing action.
- Devil’s Claw extract – It can promote well-being in case of joint stiffness or muscle tension.
- Mint essential oil – It can have refreshing and tonic properties.
- Lemon essential oil – It can have balm-like and stimulating properties.
- Red Thyme essential oil – It can have stimulating properties, regulating skin sebaceous secretion. Lavender - - essential oil – It can have balm-like and cleansing properties.
- Sweet orange essential oil – It can have soothing properties.

How to use?

Massage Cosval P.C. 28 Gel onto the affected areas of the body using prolonged, gentle strokes. For optimal results, repeat the application several times throughout the day as needed.