Dermofuture Volume Lips Booster

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Dermofuture Volume Lips Booster maximizes your lips, making them moisturized and fuller. Enriched with smoothing ingredients, this product will volumize your lips without needing any injections. Volume Booster’s tick texture will spread evenly and resurface and volumizing your lips.
This product is suitable to be used with makeup. So, you can apply lipstick or lip gloss after using Volume Booster. The effect from the product is visible after 5 mins of application. The effectiveness of the product is increased by the use of Hyaluronic Acid with intermolecular bonds. It fills fines lines and makes the skin smoother, which enhances the elasticity of the lips through the stimulation of natural cellular synthesis of Collagen.

How to use?

Apply Dermofuture Volume Booster several times a day to the lips. After the product absorbs, you can apply your lips gloss or lipstick.

Applying this product before going to bed and in the morning. After first use, your lips become full, firm and gain colour. After using for 4 weeks, your lips will become fuller.